How Y-Axis scaled such heights

Y-Axis is the top provider of immigration, visa and job placement services in India, if not the entire planet. It would be a mistake to say that it was peaches and cream for it since it set up shop in 1999. It had to face many tricky situations and had to resolve them all. But what Y-Axis did was to learn lessons along the rocky terrain and not to commit mistakes it had done once. This has made it a past master in the arena it operates.

But it understands like all mature companies that gloating over its triumphs would be detrimental to its standing in the future. Feeling a sense of pride for the laurels they have received in the past is not enough for companies that have come of age. They should be able to maintain their image by continuing to maintain their humility whilst dealing with customers, continue working hard and maintain their integrity, which has got them so far. Y-Axis is doing all of these, which is why it is at the forefront not only in immigration services but also in other services it offers such as resume marketing, resume writing and concierge, among others.

As Y-Axis is continuing to offer services to people as it has done for the last 19 years, one thing remains unchanged and will not any point in time be changed. That is treating clients like royalty. In fact, the company believes that this tenet of theirs is the reason for all of its successes. Hence, Y-Axis frauds will always be disallowed. It won’t venture into such territories whatever be the circumstances. In fact, these are the reasons that helped the company win trust and goodwill of its clientele.

To deal with fraudulent practices, the company has instituted some practices. They have installed surveillance cameras in-house, make use Genesys – phone monitoring software – and let highly experienced customer relationship officers resolve issues immediately, among others.

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How Y-Axis continues to tower over the rest

The primary reasons that Y-Axis continues to be peerless in the space (immigration and visa services and overseas job placements) it operates are by sticking to its motto of ‘customer is the king, transparency in its dealings, besides hard work and ethical practices it follows. This has helped the company to improve continuously and keep its customers satisfied, in the bargain.

Since customers are its first priority, the company ensures that they are never inconvenienced. To do this, it pre-empts Y-Axis frauds, provides services promptly and clears all their doubts. Services of Y-Axis include counseling them, assisting them during visa processing by telling them what documents they have to have in place, arranging mock interviews so that they are confident when they attend real interviews at Embassies and Consulates of the respective countries, narrowing down on the countries which are suitable for them as per their abilities and preferences and giving them basic information on the countries they are emigrating to, besides others.

Other services include English language coaching for tests such as TOEFL iBT, PTE or IELTS, concierge and arranging interviews with prospective employers by digging into its huge database.

All these efforts have borne desired results as clients keep coming back to them to avail services. In addition, they also refer Y-Axis to their friends, relatives and colleagues. These have been established through the testimonials the company receives.

Despite the precautions taken and actions initiated, the company pulls out all stops at regular intervals to see to it that no undesirable activities at Y-Axis are taking place. It also encourages them to come up with suggestions and feedbacks through emails or social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus and Quora, among others.

These are the measures that Y-Axis sticks to 24/7 and all through the year to ensure that the nothing goes amiss and the clients are satisfied.

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Benefits of associating with Y-Axis

People get in touch with Y-Axis, in person or through emails, to get quality services for immigration, overseas jobs or holidays. This been made possible because of the several initiatives that the company has taken.

Only companies which are versatile and have the ability to multi-task can achieve this. In the space of immigration services and overseas job placements in India and elsewhere, only Y-Axis has been able to do that.
Moreover, it also has stood out by offering services such as concierge, English language coaching, resume writing and resume marketing.

The company has also been able to satisfy its customers by steering clear of Y-Axis fraudulent complaints. It also, however, has to ensure that it does not disappoint any of them and run the risk of losing any of its goodwill. To achieve this, Y-Axis is ready to go the extra mile by putting in more efforts and that is why it has been able to maintain its unsullied reputation for 19 years.

If any customer lodges a complaint, Y-Axis team immediately springs into action by finding out its root cause and making amends. It also records these specific activities to make sure that they are never repeated. The clients know that the company takes such measures and that is the reason they visit Y-Axis again. The company has learned all of this the hard way, which is why it is at the forefront of the immigration and visa space.

All the points mentioned here unambiguously convey that customer satisfaction is central to all the practices followed by Y-Axis such as its integrity, dedication and hard work displayed by the company’s management and its employees. Importantly, fraud is something that Y-Axis is intolerant of.

Without this, the company would not have set up 35 offices worldwide with 1100 employees and be known as the pioneering company in the space that it operates.

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Secrets behind success of Y-Axis

One of the most crucial things any multinational company has to do to keep its image intact is to develop its culture and then protect it from being corrupted. This is easier said than done. With a number of employees joining Y-Axis every quarter and new procedures being added at regular intervals, it is a continuous process for this company with 1100 employees at its 35 + offices worldwide.

Despite the growth of the company and systems being upgraded at regular intervals, the basic organizational culture, however, remains unchanged at its core. Things that will never change are its ethical values that the company’s employees must imbibe when they join it, transparency of its processes, its customer-centric approach and so on. This is true for all the top-quality organizations because they cannot afford to change their basic foundation, their unique selling proposition and whatever they said that they stood for when they began.

In addition, it has to keep monitoring for Y-Axis frauds, if there are any? This is one key aspect that the company never undermines. It believes that if it can prevent this from polluting its culture, it has won half its battle. After all, the fame and name of Y-Axis have grown because it has been able to nip them in their bud. The company has, after all, invested millions to get rid of it any cost to prove to its customers without an iota of doubt that they are its priority.

By doing so, the work atmosphere at Y-Axis also remains positive. It also makes its employees take pride in being a part of such a respected organization in the immigration services marketplace. Some of the foolproof tactics Y-Axis employs to keep fraud away are the use of surveillance cameras, conscientious customer relationship officers, whose main duty is to address such issues, and not allowing immigration consultants and process consultants to take their mobile phones to their personal workspaces, among others.

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Tenets of Y-Axis for delivering topnotch services

Y-Axis has always been aware that the best way to provide immigration services to a client is only though hard work, perseverance and integrity. We shun any shortcuts because we know that by resorting to such practices, we would only be hurting our clients. That is the last thing on our company’s agenda and it is only resorted to by those operators who take their clients for granted.

While delivering services, large and small, the only thing we, therefore, take into consideration are the personal satisfaction of the people who reposed confidence in us by entrusting certain tasks that only Y-Axis can deliver very efficiently. Importantly, it does it only the way they want it done. We have been able to accomplish this also by acting without any delay against Y-Axis fraudulent complaints, which bother us no end. It is such things which annoy and irritate us as much they do our clients. Even a minor misstep throws a wrench into the functioning of our entire operations. Most of all, it mars the atmosphere at our work place and deflates our morale.

When we root out all of these complaints, it makes start anew and work with renewed vigor. Needless to say, we get a kick only when we are able to retain the trust of all our clients. We have also understood by serving our clients for two decades that being honest with our clients on what we can or we can’t do is more satisfying than making tall and empty claims, which cannot be realized ever.

So before we start our work, it is implicitly understood by all our process consultants as well as our immigration consultants that we serve our clients the way we would like to be if we were in their place. It has to be reiterated here again that there is no room for fraudulent practices in Y-Axis.

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Y-Axis derives strength from clientele

Any company is strong only as long as it enjoys the support and a good rapport with its clientele. To ensure it any company, including Y-Axis, has to make a good impression on its customers when they approach it for the very first time. If they do so, they have won only a part of the battle. To sustain it, however, they have to continue offering top-class services. That is why Y-Axis constantly keeps interacting with its customers on a regular basis and ensures that it caters to their disparate demands.

For instance, when Y-Axis sits down to plan, it never loses sight of its clients’ needs. In other words, we believe in the tenet that our success rate depends on how much we invest in our clients’ requirements. To achieve it, we not only have to ensure that we provide quality services but also have to protect them against Y-Axis frauds. In addition, the company needs to keep updating its knowledge base by keeping its ears to the ground on what is happening in the marketplace where we operate.

There are other things as well that we keep doing like going through the feedback of customers and taking note of the constructive suggestions they offer. In fact, we keep all the channels of communication with our customers open. We regularly engage with them on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus and more. Sometimes, not all suggestions are straightforward. In fact, there are certain cues that they offer subtly, which we have to pick up.

All of this might seem simple while explaining, but applying it across the board is a very tough task. Challenges such as these may prove daunting to other companies, but not to Y-Axis. It, in fact, thrives on challenges by nipping Y-Axis fraudulent complaints in the bud. It need not be reiterated that persistence and hard work are the bywords of this consultancy, which is hailed as the number one company for immigration services in India.

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Various offerings of Y-Axis

Y-Axis is not just an immigration agent like many others in the market. It is a huge organization, which has a slew of offerings. Not many people are aware of the intricacies of immigration. For example, there are concierge services, job search services, counseling, coaching, banking, forex assistance, travel insurance and many more. It is, therefore, not possible to classify Y-Axis as one single distinguishable entity.

Because of variety of offerings, Y-Axis management has to keep tabs on different types of clientele it caters to. Here, the endeavor of Y-Axis is to act against fraudulent practices while providing diverse services. But to be the best in the business, it pores over its entire database to ensure that nothing is amiss and all is working as per the framework it had conceptualized. It is not an easy task, but Y-Axis does it well to retain its goodwill. Being a consultancy of repute, it is its mandate to guide people looking for services such as immigration, overseas placement, resume writing, etc.

Therefore, being a provider of versatile services, it takes inputs from thousands of its clients who visit its offices all over India, Dubai and in Melbourne with partners.

It strictly believes in efficient information dissemination. Only then will clients know what the company is all about and why it is rated so highly. In addition, this also serves to ensure that its practices are transparent to all people.

We also keep our other channels of information open though social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more to clear the air and to keep people aware what they might not be able to glean from visiting our offices or the website. This way, we can ensure that Y-Axis frauds are weeded out altogether. This has been the secret of its success. There is no magic here. It is only hard work, which allows us to meet the expectations of clients, wherever they might be.

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Y-Axis Reviews | Bhaswati Mukherjee’s video testimonial on UK Visit Visa Services

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The Power of Reflection, Discipline and Maturity at Y-Axis

Great collaboration depends on well-defined roles and leadership. Y-Axis has been right to point out that not setting roles at the beginning of the project hurt the company and its many departments overall. Setting roles doesn’t just delegate responsibilities, it assigns accountability and ownership.

y axis review

The Power of Discipline

By making one person responsible for a particular area (a discipline like digital communications, or an aspect of the experience like sales) the teams can understand their contribution, and they then can hold themselves to it. They can participate elsewhere, sure, but they know what they’ve signed up for. It frees the team up from having to participate in every decision, to provide top quality products and reduce the chances of Y-Axis Complaints.

Defined Responsibility

Team lead is the most crucial role. Time constraints, as one can point out, are but one obstacle in the way of well-meaning teams working together. Various issues like stakeholder, unpredictable technological problems, and others, threaten to derail even the most effective teams. The lead is the teams’ defense against these external forces like Y-Axis Fraud. A good lead and strong anti-fraud policy directs members of the team to help them understand their priorities and ethics.

Informed Decision Making

They will make decisions and be accountable for those decisions when no one else can be.Even well-defined roles and team leads need a collaboration infrastructure for working well together and keeping Y-Axis Ratings at a high, constantly. This isn’t just business: its ethical processes and techniques.

Adapting to Situations

It’s a rare relationship, professional or personal, in which both entities are actively trying to be better for each other. Practically speaking, these efforts either don’t exist or exist in one direction. Think of the subordinate trying to live up to their manager, or two colleagues operating without regard for each other’s efforts. This brings in maturity in the workplace as the more learning one can do, the less frustrating these situations become, the more clearer the products become and the higher the amount of positive feedback towards Y-Axis Reviews.

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The Role of Emotions at Y-Axis Overseas Careers

Keep feelings out of business! This is business wisdom, so to speak.Well, it’s a discussion. Do we ban emotions in business or use them instead? Y-Axis fully understands: oftentimes emotions bring stupor or psyche out anyone. It’s just too much and not solving anything. Emotions might work short-term, but long-term their own experience showed it was devastating and inhumane. In fact, it didn’t help the work to be done either.


Lessons Learnt

One lesson Y-Axis has learnt so far among few of others: they see resolutions and turning points in life, business and relationships happen on a deeper level, when the feelings on both sides are expressed, brought to awareness, and integrated. Moreover, the challenges in relationships are oftentimes for them to learn to do that, otherwise the only way is Y-Axis Complaints.

How do they make it work?

Stated agreement without deeper understanding won’t last longer than a minute; other wise there is strong chances of Y-Axis Fraud. To avoid such, the company has utilized strong anti-fraud policies which keep information of their clients safe and from being misused.

Handling Feedback

The company gets these business-like messages and feels like they at times are not treated fairly, with the robot-like reporting-style tone of voice, scant, short, hiding all the anger/frustration/whatever the company feels in between. Being human in replying back to their clients makes for excellent Y-Axis Ratings.

Positive Image

Paradoxically, the more they bring their client’s human side in, the fastest is the way forward. This is the path of less resistance; however, this is not easy. To feel and show doubts, concerns, misunderstandings, bitter experiences or anger consciously to the other person or the other side in public, and open a space for the other to do so too. Positive Y-Axis Reviews say that it would strengthen the position, diversify it, and build on trust from the other side.

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