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It is Now Easy to Seek a Job in Germany!

There’s great news for all those looking for a job in Germany. The country has welcomed other nationals to come and work there, by announcing the availability of the jobseekers visa.

If you are willing to work in Germany, it may interest you to know that, once you are successful in achieving a jobseekers visa, you are permitted to explore job opportunities in Germany for six months. This has emerged from the country’s need for services of more qualified professionals in various fields.


While the country has generously welcomed foreign nationals, it has placed some restrictions on who it accepts and who it rejects. To make yourself eligible for Germany’s jobseekers visa, you must have a degree from a German or other recognized universities. Apart from that you must have degrees comparable to the German one.

Apart from this, you must also possess proof of your university degree and documents to support the duration of your stay in the country. Positive Consumer Reviews of Y-Axis are likely to be generated from such an opportunity.

There is more you need to know about Germany’s jobseeker visa. While on the job seekers visa, you are not permitted to take up a job or establish your own business.

For this, you will have to wait until the country has granted you a change in your visa status along with a resident permit. Germany’s job seekers visa may take a few weeks to be approved. You must be patient and acknowledge the fact that, visa approval varies from one application to another.


Y-Axis will keep you updated on all the information regarding this unique opportunity in the form of a jobseekers visa.

Meanwhile we look forward to know your valuable opinion on this issue. Y-Axis aims to reach the top of Consumer Ratings of Y-Axis by providing you with such valuable information. We are always available to guide you in the process of establishment of a successful career abroad.

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Y-Axis – The Best Overseas Education Consultant You Can Have!

To build a career in this competitive world is not easy. You have to work your way out to excellence. In this process, won’t it be wonderful to simplify this process for you? This is what we are here to do.

We at Y-Axis, will do all that is needed to be done for a great start of a successful career abroad.  With us, you will not only find yourself at ease, you will also realize that you have come to the right place.

Hard to believe? Checkout the Y-Axis Reviews and find out for yourself. A large number of students abroad will have only nice things to say about our services. We have gained this reputation over many years by supporting our clients all through the rough times of establishing an educational career abroad.

If you still want to know why you should choose Y-Axis, you need to know the kind of support we extend to the people who choose us for help.

To start with, we have joined hands with many foreign universities. This helps us give you the much needed information about universities abroad. This is one of the main reasons why Y-Axis Reviews remain positive over the years.

We understand the needs of our clients like no one else and deliver exactly what they want.  Not only this, Y-Axis gives you freedom from the elaborate and complicated process of applying for a Visa. So all you need to do, is to get ready for a bright future on a foreign land.

As we take care of all your needs of career development abroad, we do realize there could be some short comings. We can overcome them only when we work hand in hand with our clients.

This is why we have a concept of Y-Axis Complaints. Here we overcome our short comings and emerge out as a more competent organization to provide you with nothing but the best. Trust us and forget all your worries!

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Applying for Australia Skilled Migration Program

Australia has simplified migration procedures for skilled professionals so much so that any individual can apply and get PR visa in less than an year. It introduced General Skilled Migrant Visa category which has 3 major sub-classes 189/190/489.

Sub-class 189 is skilled-independent visa, 190 is skilled-nominated and 489 is skilled regional – provisional visa. An individual can apply under one of the these sub-classes in order to get Australian PR. But before that, checking eligibility requirements and point score is a must.

Australia requires an applicant to qualify for a point-based test before applying. From a total of 100, the higher the score, the better, but the qualifying points remain a little above 60 and 65 based.

What’s taken into consideration?

To know the score, one needs to evaluate his/her profile. Getting it done through experts is the best way to do it. You can hire Y-Axis Overseas Careers, as it offers evaluation services for Australia and gives you the report in less than 48 hours. There are plenty of Y-Axis Reviews available for you to read before opt for the evaluation package.

That said, the following things are taken into consideration to determine your score:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language Proficiency
  • Skills, etc.

Applicants may also require state nomination or sponsorship to be eligible based on the visa sub-class.

Apart from that, to obtain Australian PR, you must follow certain steps. Y-Axis can help you follow the those steps with ease being the best immigration consultant in India. Y-Axis reviews and testimonials from across India, London, Australia, and Dubai prove the excellence of service. Also the way company deals with complaints and Y-Axis fraud claims, make it stand out from the rest. 

  • Evaluation
  • Documentation
  • Submit an Expression of Interest
  • Applying for PR

Once an expression of interest is submitted and an invitation is received from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), an applicant has 60 days to submit visa application online. The applicant must also furnish supporting documents, meet health and character requirements.

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The Truth about Customer Complaints against Y-Axis

Before we talk about customer complaints against Y-Axis, let’s discuss what results in a dissatisfied customer. It’s a general argument that customer-complaints are only a result of failed service/product delivered by a company. It’s true to some extent. But, is not the only truth. There are more factors related it. Some of them being:

• Lack of understanding of the products or the service deliverables
• High or unreasonable expectations
• Mistakes from employees and customers alike
• Error/defect in the product/service provided
• Marketing overpromises

The above 5 points are a testimony to the fact that customer-complaints are real. Dissatisfied customers do exist. But if you give a closer study to those points, you realize that the responsibility is equal for both i.e. buyers and service providers.

On one hand, the buyers are required to read through the documents, agreements prior to making a buy decision, and understand the deliverables very clearly. On the other, the company should ensure a flawless service is provided with utmost dedication and respect to client’s requirements and sentiments.

Then the company and the customers share a common responsibility to carefully listen to each other’s concerns, suggestions, and feedback to avoid disruptions, defects, and errors in the service.

Having said that, let’s discuss about Y-Axis customer complaints – what the truth is and how much of these complaints stand true:

What Y-Axis Does to Avoid Consumer-Complaints?
Y-Axis being India’s No. 1 Immigration Consultant and Overseas Career, owns the responsibility to keep the trust of its customers intact. Thus, provide them with high-quality service and great customer support. We have taken strong care of it and will continue to do so.

Have prepared our support team to swiftly cater to client queries. Educated our consultants to recognize the requirements and offer solutions that suit them. Disciplined our sales people against over promises and unethical sales practices. And have hired experienced professionals to endow our clients with the best services possible.

Apart from that, we also ensure that all our clients get enough time to go through the agreements before making a decision. The details of the service they opt for such as deliverables, fee, refund policy, liability, and all other clauses are clearly mentioned. There are no hidden clauses or “conditions apply” section in the entire agreement.

Besides that, after you become our client, our service teams will walk you through the entire process time and again – one in the email, two on call, and any number of times you, as a client, wish to know about it.

So What Still Leads to Unsatisfied Customers?
The number of unsatisfied customers has gone down with time, and is decreasing further with each passing day. However, most of the unsatisfied customers are because of misunderstanding and unreasonable expectations. Few are because of the loopholes in the service.

The Truth about Complaints
Y-Axis takes customer complaints very seriously.  Our support team checks all what the clients have to say. If the mistake is ours, we immediately apologize and rectify it. If it’s not ours, we explain the client as to what went wrong and how Y-Axis is not at fault.

However, some people go to the extent of filing a case in the Consumer Courts. They might have strong reasons to do so. But if the agreements are duly signed and service are timely delivered, the ‘grahak’ might not get the upper hand. Because, be it Consumer Court or the Supreme Court, justice prevails.


Do not go by the negative reviews that pop up on the Internet. We have served 100,000+ customers so far and have thousands of success stories. Talk to us. Experience our service. Realize that we are your genuine PR consultants and more.

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Why Seek Y-Axis Client Relationship Team Help

Have you availed any of Y-Axis services? Applied for Australian PR, Canadian PR or opted for Job Search Service?  Any queries or concerns you have, you could simply connect to Y-Axis Client Relationship Team.

Y-Axis is India’s leading immigration consultant. It serves thousands of clients each month. Most clients find the services prompt and of great help. Some find them a little below par. It could be because of misunderstanding of Y-Axis product details and service terms.

Therefore, to address such complaint claims, Y-Axis has set up a customer relationship team that manages and amicably answers every customer query in due time.

  1. Questions related to the product, service, agreements, refunds, etc. can come up anytime. And to get them answered, you can talk to the process consultant assigned to your case, if it is related to the product. If it is related to agreements, refunds or other things, you can get in touch with customer support department.
  1. If you have a Y-Axis review, a Y-Axis complaint or feedback to share, this is the right team to share it with. They do not just take a note of your reviews, but also pass your complaints and feedback to the respective departments within the organization. This helps Y-Axis as an organization to improve its work process and serve clients better every time.

Y-Axis customer relationship department uses the best state of art technology. They have access to all product information. Once a Y-Axis fraud claim or a complaint erupts, the support team goes through the product details, agreements signed by the clients, product deliverables, and services delivered till that day. And only after thorough analysis of the case, a decision is taken and the same is communicated to the client. Thus, amicably resolving client concerns at the earliest.

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Y-Axis Immigration Evaluation Services

A lot of people want to migrate overseas, but are not sure whether they qualify or not. If they do qualify, they do not know which country they qualify for and what steps they need to follow to pursue their migration dream.

Therefore, Y-Axis offers immigration evaluation services for a pocket-friendly price for Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The evaluation reports are primarily based on the information provided by the customer – age, education, experience, language and few other factors.

The evaluation reports are given to the client in 24-48 hours after documents and other formalities of the service are completed. Upon positive evaluation, Y-Axis suggests the next steps required to submit an immigration petition. And if the evaluation results are negative, Y-Axis consultants suggest other suitable options to work and settle abroad.

Y-Axis does evaluation for many people each month and only if the results are positive it takes the application forward. The whole evaluation process is very transparent and leaves no room for any fraud or complaints. The Y-Axis anti-fraud policy and customer relationship teams are also in place to protect customer interest and resolve any Y-Axis complaints.

The immigration evaluation service lets you know how much you score and whether you qualify or not. The consultants also suggest measures that could help you increase your score and qualify to migrate to the country of your choice.


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