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Why Do You Need Migration Consultants Melbourne?

Australia is one of the most preferred countries by students and businesses because it is home to some of the best educational institutions and corporates. Which is why, students from all around the world prefer to study in Australia so that they have a great career ahead.

Though Australia has its doors open for those willing to stay and contribute towards the Australian economy. Australia offers plenty of options for people to apply for PR. That’s why most of those who plan to apply for a PR visa seek help of migration consultants Melbourne.

Here are few of the services they offer:

PR Visa Application– Y-Axis is one of the migration consultants Melbourne that helps its clients with PR visa processing as well. There are many Y-Axis reviews in this regard. Many have successfully received their Australia PR through Y-Axis assistance.

Visa Services – People travel abroad for more reasons that one – for leisure, for visiting family and friends, to attend events, for business purpose, etc. So, whatever your reason for travelling abroad is we can assist you to file a visa application for the country of your choice.

Visit Visa Extension – All visas have an expiry date. So extending it if you wish to stay beyond the visa period is mandatory. Or you either fly back to your native country before the visa expires or get your visa extended before the expiry date. In case you choose to stay further, Y-Axis visas team can assist you with filing an extension application.

Y-Axis has been in the immigration and visas industry for more than 15 years now. The company has dedicated set of employees for every service it offers. Though there are few Y-Axis fraud claims floated to sabotage the image of the company, Y-Axis continues to offer uninterrupted, high-quality service to all its clients.

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Y-Axis Services Will Never Let You Down!

Whether you are planning to go abroad to study or work or permanent migration, Y-Axis is ready to help you with anything you need, throughout the process. As a visa and immigration service providers, we provide you with the best you can have in this regard.

Service Experience at Y-Axis!

To offer great customer service, Y-Axis has created service parameters across all its departments. It also includes an anti fraud policy that helps the customers to keep away from any fraud in the name of Y-Axis Overseas Careers. This policy guides our clients to choose their options carefully and deal only with the designated consultants assigned to them.

The policy comprises of all core issues that will ensure customers do not fall in any kind of fraud. All customers will receive a transaction receipt when a payment is made – whether online or at any of our offices in India, Australia, London or Dubai.

How We Ensure Your Safety at Y-Axis

The next thing is a warning to the clients against individual dealings with our employees. We also warn our employees not to get involved in any such transactions. Our policy serves as a guide to our clients as well as our employees. Despite this, if any of clients gets into such an agreement, the fraud that happens thereafter is not a responsibility of Y-Axis!

Our client is most important to us – this is why we believe in taking feedback from them. This we do through customer relationship department. All Y-Axis complaints, feedback, and reviews can be discussed with the executives in this department.

Once you share your feedback with us, we forward the same to respective department managers and consultants.

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Trust Y-Axis For The Best Immigration Services!

If you are looking for the best immigration facilities in India, there is only one destination for you – Y-Axis! Reading the Y-Axis testimonials will tell you how good the company is at the varied services that it offers. Starting with immigration services to filing your visa application, we take over all your responsibilities.

What Is Special About Y-Axis?

There are many reasons for positive Y-Axis Reviews. Our transparency, dedication and understanding of immigration and visas industry is what helps us remain at the zenith of our business.

After consulting Y-Axis to helping in making a successful life abroad, most customers have praised Y-Axis for its exceptional services.  When you read reviews about Y-Axis, you will only find people recommending the company’s services.

Since we understand the importance of making a successful career abroad, we leave no stone unturned to help you achieve the same.

Y-Axis not only help you reach your destination, but we also let you know the opportunities that are available for you. This is also a major part of the services at Y-Axis. We search for jobs or university placements and let you know if your eligible.

Know Your Eligibility With Us!

Y-Axis gives you useful advice about the ways you can make yourself eligible for a particular country, job or university. The consultants check your eligibility by considering the factors like – age, education, experience, etc. to ensure nothing goes wrong with your processing.

The company also has an anti-fraud policy to protect its clients. It keeps Y-Axis fraud claims away and proves company’s genuineness at every step.

The company also manages Y-Axis Complaints with its proactive customer relationship team. . Through this, the company improves its services and deliver the best.

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Find Out Why People Recommend Y-Axis For Immigration Services!

To trust Y-Axis, you just need to know what other people feel about us. Taking a look at Y-Axis Testimonials will help you get a confirmation of our claims about being the best immigration service providers in Indian.

Why Y-Axis?

Knowing the quality of services from people around you, will let you make a quick decision. Y-Axis Reviews are such that, they help you familiarize yourself with many of our clients, who have benefitted by availing our services. When you are reading Y-Axis Testimonials, you will find mostly positive words being used to describe our services.

We have built the trust of our clients over many years, since the establishment of Y-Axis in 1999. Y-Axis Reviews will tell you that our immigration services go beyond the regular offers. Once you get in touch with consultants at Y-Axis, all your responsibilities are taken over by us. We have been able to satisfy our clients because of our quick and apt services.

Unmatched Services of Y-Axis!

We stand out in providing immigration services as we take up all the work with very less for our client to do. So, whether it is collection of their documents or submission of their applications, our clients trust us with the kind of work we do. The expertise that Y-Axis has gained in its field of specialization has been a strong reason in further strengthening the belief of our clients.

Reading Y-Axis testimonials will only reinforce the positive opinion; you might have already developed about our services. Being the best immigration service providers in India has further motivated us to keep up the good work and improve on the same. Once you join hands with us, you will find yourself giving positive reviews about Y-Axis!

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Consult Y-Axis For The Best Immigration Services!

Whether it is to study, work or visit, if you are planning to go abroad, you must make use of Y-Axis immigration services. This is the only place where you receive services to the highest levels of your satisfaction.

When we start the process of your immigration, we start from the concierge facility of collecting your documents and work it out until filing and application is submitted.


This is what helps us stand out in the crowd. Our responsibility does not end with immigration.

We are with you, from the time of the evaluation to the time you receive a job or an admission in a university in the country of your choice or get your PR visa. In any case, you will never have a complaint of Y-Axis Fraud.

When you give out your details to Y-Axis, we give a lot more in return. You can familiarize yourself with the immigration rules of various countries along with your eligibilities for the same. Our hard working and dedicated staff at Y-Axis are constantly researching on the changing immigration rules of countries. This is how we are able to provide you with the latest information you need.


Our services are so prompt and accurate that you will always come back to Y-Axis after the initial association. This is a claim we are making after serving many clients who reported satisfaction and recommended others to make use of the best immigration services offered at Y-Axis. Since we make use of only the information you provide us with, there are no chances of anything going wrong.

When it comes to excellent immigration services, you will realize that no one can match the standard set by Y-Axis. So, whenever you decide to go abroad for any purpose, you know who you should go to for the best immigration services.

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Y-Axis Can Help You Find Your Dream Job!

There are reasons why Y-Axis is considered the best in the market. These are not what the members of the firm say but, what the customers say through Y-Axis Reviews, about the services. The company has been delivering exceptional and unmatched services since inception in 1999. This is a direct result of the dedication to its clients.

It was not easy for Y-Axis to come to the top, It involves a lot of effort on part of every person working at Y-Axis to gain your trust and maintain it for a lifetime. Our clients are most important to us. This is the reason why, we strive to give them the best in all the fields we have mastered.


You could get in touch with us anytime, to know whatever you want about a career abroad. We simplify the process like no one else, with least effort from your end. If you are finding it hard to believe that, you must take a look at Y-Axis Testimonials. Here, you will come across many of our clients who recommend us to all.

When it comes to anything related to immigration, you must know that there is no one better than Y-Axis, who can give you all round support, until you reach your destination and start living your dream. If you compare Y-Axis to any of its competitors, you will find that none of them are even close to what we offer at Y-Axis.


We not only help you find a job in the country of your choice, but we also tell you what will make you eligible for the job. What’s more? We take over all your responsibilities including the creation of a perfect resume that has the potential to attract the employer. Without losing out on anymore time get in touch with our consultants and begin your career with a bang!

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Y-Axis is to the client and for the client!

For any company, its value in the market depends on what people think of it. And for us at Y-Axis, it is pivotal. We have always tried our best to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. It makes us proud to realize that we have succeeded in this attempt to a great extent. Y-Axis Testimonials are a proof to this.

When you open Y-Axis Testimonials page on the internet, you will come across many people who have benefited by associating with us. Dedication, customer satisfaction and transparency are the principles on which we base our work everyday. With this, you can probably get an idea about the importance we give to our customers. If you are not sure yet, get in touch with us and find out for yourself!


Words like thank you, great work and excellent are the ones clients choose to describe services provided by Y-Axis. This leaves no scope for Y-Axis Complaints. We believe that this has been possible because, unlike others, we support our clients throughout the process. Our association with a client ends only after we get a conformation that our services are satisfactory to the client.


When we take up a responsibility of our clients, we completely relieve them of the burden of worries. For this reason, we have developed an expertise in multiple areas. We not only take care of your immigration, we also concierge many services to make life easy for you. We save you the trouble of collecting essential documents for traveling abroad.

So, once you get in touch with us, you literally have nothing else to do. Just pack your bags and plan a great time ahead. Remember that Y-Axis is always at your service, waiting to be useful to you. Enjoy your stay in a new country. Have a happy and a safe journey.


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