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Benefits of associating with Y-Axis

People get in touch with Y-Axis, in person or through emails, to get quality services for immigration, overseas jobs or holidays. This been made possible because of the several initiatives that the company has taken.

Only companies which are versatile and have the ability to multi-task can achieve this. In the space of immigration services and overseas job placements in India and elsewhere, only Y-Axis has been able to do that.
Moreover, it also has stood out by offering services such as concierge, English language coaching, resume writing and resume marketing.

The company has also been able to satisfy its customers by steering clear of Y-Axis fraudulent complaints. It also, however, has to ensure that it does not disappoint any of them and run the risk of losing any of its goodwill. To achieve this, Y-Axis is ready to go the extra mile by putting in more efforts and that is why it has been able to maintain its unsullied reputation for 19 years.

If any customer lodges a complaint, Y-Axis team immediately springs into action by finding out its root cause and making amends. It also records these specific activities to make sure that they are never repeated. The clients know that the company takes such measures and that is the reason they visit Y-Axis again. The company has learned all of this the hard way, which is why it is at the forefront of the immigration and visa space.

All the points mentioned here unambiguously convey that customer satisfaction is central to all the practices followed by Y-Axis such as its integrity, dedication and hard work displayed by the company’s management and its employees. Importantly, fraud is something that Y-Axis is intolerant of.

Without this, the company would not have set up 35 offices worldwide with 1100 employees and be known as the pioneering company in the space that it operates.

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Secrets behind success of Y-Axis

One of the most crucial things any multinational company has to do to keep its image intact is to develop its culture and then protect it from being corrupted. This is easier said than done. With a number of employees joining Y-Axis every quarter and new procedures being added at regular intervals, it is a continuous process for this company with 1100 employees at its 35 + offices worldwide.

Despite the growth of the company and systems being upgraded at regular intervals, the basic organizational culture, however, remains unchanged at its core. Things that will never change are its ethical values that the company’s employees must imbibe when they join it, transparency of its processes, its customer-centric approach and so on. This is true for all the top-quality organizations because they cannot afford to change their basic foundation, their unique selling proposition and whatever they said that they stood for when they began.

In addition, it has to keep monitoring for Y-Axis frauds, if there are any? This is one key aspect that the company never undermines. It believes that if it can prevent this from polluting its culture, it has won half its battle. After all, the fame and name of Y-Axis have grown because it has been able to nip them in their bud. The company has, after all, invested millions to get rid of it any cost to prove to its customers without an iota of doubt that they are its priority.

By doing so, the work atmosphere at Y-Axis also remains positive. It also makes its employees take pride in being a part of such a respected organization in the immigration services marketplace. Some of the foolproof tactics Y-Axis employs to keep fraud away are the use of surveillance cameras, conscientious customer relationship officers, whose main duty is to address such issues, and not allowing immigration consultants and process consultants to take their mobile phones to their personal workspaces, among others.

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Tenets of Y-Axis for delivering topnotch services

Y-Axis has always been aware that the best way to provide immigration services to a client is only though hard work, perseverance and integrity. We shun any shortcuts because we know that by resorting to such practices, we would only be hurting our clients. That is the last thing on our company’s agenda and it is only resorted to by those operators who take their clients for granted.

While delivering services, large and small, the only thing we, therefore, take into consideration are the personal satisfaction of the people who reposed confidence in us by entrusting certain tasks that only Y-Axis can deliver very efficiently. Importantly, it does it only the way they want it done. We have been able to accomplish this also by acting without any delay against Y-Axis fraudulent complaints, which bother us no end. It is such things which annoy and irritate us as much they do our clients. Even a minor misstep throws a wrench into the functioning of our entire operations. Most of all, it mars the atmosphere at our work place and deflates our morale.

When we root out all of these complaints, it makes start anew and work with renewed vigor. Needless to say, we get a kick only when we are able to retain the trust of all our clients. We have also understood by serving our clients for two decades that being honest with our clients on what we can or we can’t do is more satisfying than making tall and empty claims, which cannot be realized ever.

So before we start our work, it is implicitly understood by all our process consultants as well as our immigration consultants that we serve our clients the way we would like to be if we were in their place. It has to be reiterated here again that there is no room for fraudulent practices in Y-Axis.

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