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The secret of survival of Y-Axis

Though a company’s ability to be distinct depends on the way it provides services to clients, it also depends on the way it delivers them.

To retain its unique position in the immigration and visa services marketplace, Y-Axis continually goes through a reengineering process of improving the ways in which it operates. Since it believes that sky is the limit, it never ever stops experimenting with new ideas. This has led to the company getting rave reviews from the people it serves. These reviews motivate the company’s employees to work in more innovative ways while they make sure that they are not leaving any room for laxity to creep in.

To achieve this, Y-Axis has incorporated several practices, including eliminating Y-Axis frauds. In fact, getting rid of fraudulent complaints is its first and foremost priority. This is because of the responsibility the company feels towards the clients it is serving. The company knows that because it incorporates such practices, it has served to improve its relationship with the people it engages with. Other things, which are no less important, are its hard work, transparency and honesty in it dealings.

By the way, Y-Axis has multiple motivation drivers. First among them, of course, are their clientele, and then their everlasting thirst to be always at the top of the value chain. That is what it has been continuously doing since it set up shop in 1999.

Among its other practices it implements to avoid fraud are the use of Genesys – call tracking and recording software- and surveillance cameras. Then there are customer relationship officers, mandate of whom is to promptly address complaints of clients

In addition to all of this, the company in order To know what clients may also want from it in the future, it promotes feedbacks through mails, in person and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook and Google Plus, among others.

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How Y-Axis scaled such heights

Y-Axis is the top provider of immigration, visa and job placement services in India, if not the entire planet. It would be a mistake to say that it was peaches and cream for it since it set up shop in 1999. It had to face many tricky situations and had to resolve them all. But what Y-Axis did was to learn lessons along the rocky terrain and not to commit mistakes it had done once. This has made it a past master in the arena it operates.

But it understands like all mature companies that gloating over its triumphs would be detrimental to its standing in the future. Feeling a sense of pride for the laurels they have received in the past is not enough for companies that have come of age. They should be able to maintain their image by continuing to maintain their humility whilst dealing with customers, continue working hard and maintain their integrity, which has got them so far. Y-Axis is doing all of these, which is why it is at the forefront not only in immigration services but also in other services it offers such as resume marketing, resume writing and concierge, among others.

As Y-Axis is continuing to offer services to people as it has done for the last 19 years, one thing remains unchanged and will not any point in time be changed. That is treating clients like royalty. In fact, the company believes that this tenet of theirs is the reason for all of its successes. Hence, Y-Axis frauds will always be disallowed. It won’t venture into such territories whatever be the circumstances. In fact, these are the reasons that helped the company win trust and goodwill of its clientele.

To deal with fraudulent practices, the company has instituted some practices. They have installed surveillance cameras in-house, make use Genesys – phone monitoring software – and let highly experienced customer relationship officers resolve issues immediately, among others.

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How Y-Axis continues to tower over the rest

The primary reasons that Y-Axis continues to be peerless in the space (immigration and visa services and overseas job placements) it operates are by sticking to its motto of ‘customer is the king, transparency in its dealings, besides hard work and ethical practices it follows. This has helped the company to improve continuously and keep its customers satisfied, in the bargain.

Since customers are its first priority, the company ensures that they are never inconvenienced. To do this, it pre-empts Y-Axis frauds, provides services promptly and clears all their doubts. Services of Y-Axis include counseling them, assisting them during visa processing by telling them what documents they have to have in place, arranging mock interviews so that they are confident when they attend real interviews at Embassies and Consulates of the respective countries, narrowing down on the countries which are suitable for them as per their abilities and preferences and giving them basic information on the countries they are emigrating to, besides others.

Other services include English language coaching for tests such as TOEFL iBT, PTE or IELTS, concierge and arranging interviews with prospective employers by digging into its huge database.

All these efforts have borne desired results as clients keep coming back to them to avail services. In addition, they also refer Y-Axis to their friends, relatives and colleagues. These have been established through the testimonials the company receives.

Despite the precautions taken and actions initiated, the company pulls out all stops at regular intervals to see to it that no undesirable activities at Y-Axis are taking place. It also encourages them to come up with suggestions and feedbacks through emails or social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus and Quora, among others.

These are the measures that Y-Axis sticks to 24/7 and all through the year to ensure that the nothing goes amiss and the clients are satisfied.

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