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Why Y-Axis is India’s top immigration consultant

Y-Axis feels pride in the fact that it is India’s No.1 immigration and visa consultant. It, however, did reach that ranking with a lot of effort, hard work and going through tough times and so on.

For instance, when it was set up in 1999, it had to face growth pangs in its initial years. Though it is not unusual for Y-Axis alone, it needed to carve a niche for itself in those years in this unique space of immigration services. To transit from being just a provider of services in fields of immigration and visas to offering such services as overseas job placements, concierge, resume marketing, resume writing and English language coaching for tests (PTE, IELTS or TOEFL iBT) is not an easy task. It couldn’t jump into these new fields without doing sufficient research, knowing how big the market is for them and how to go about introducing them by hiring experts in these domains. It also had to contend with Y-Axis frauds before it set about eliminating them altogether.

In addition, it had to prove itself to clients and having done that, it needs to retain them. It has been doing so by engaging with its clientele, who are urged to send feedback through emails or make known their preferences through various channels of social media such as LinkedIn, Quora, Google Plus or Facebook.

To prevent any malfeasances from taking place, it has instituted practices by introducing Genesys (a call tracking and recording software) and surveillance cameras at key places in all of its 35 offices all over the world. Moreover, there are customer relationship officers to troubleshoot any problems that may inadvertently occur.

To do all of this, Y-Axis has to work harder than before catering to its ever-growing list of clients. But the company firmly believes that it has been able to scale these heights only due to the way it has treated its customers. That has been its main priority since its inception and will continue to be so forever.

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