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It is Now Easy to Seek a Job in Germany!

There’s great news for all those looking for a job in Germany. The country has welcomed other nationals to come and work there, by announcing the availability of the jobseekers visa.

If you are willing to work in Germany, it may interest you to know that, once you are successful in achieving a jobseekers visa, you are permitted to explore job opportunities in Germany for six months. This has emerged from the country’s need for services of more qualified professionals in various fields.


While the country has generously welcomed foreign nationals, it has placed some restrictions on who it accepts and who it rejects. To make yourself eligible for Germany’s jobseekers visa, you must have a degree from a German or other recognized universities. Apart from that you must have degrees comparable to the German one.

Apart from this, you must also possess proof of your university degree and documents to support the duration of your stay in the country. Positive Consumer Reviews of Y-Axis are likely to be generated from such an opportunity.

There is more you need to know about Germany’s jobseeker visa. While on the job seekers visa, you are not permitted to take up a job or establish your own business.

For this, you will have to wait until the country has granted you a change in your visa status along with a resident permit. Germany’s job seekers visa may take a few weeks to be approved. You must be patient and acknowledge the fact that, visa approval varies from one application to another.


Y-Axis will keep you updated on all the information regarding this unique opportunity in the form of a jobseekers visa.

Meanwhile we look forward to know your valuable opinion on this issue. Y-Axis aims to reach the top of Consumer Ratings of Y-Axis by providing you with such valuable information. We are always available to guide you in the process of establishment of a successful career abroad.

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