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Why Y-Axis is India’s top immigration consultant

Y-Axis feels pride in the fact that it is India’s No.1 immigration and visa consultant. It, however, did reach that ranking with a lot of effort, hard work and going through tough times and so on.

For instance, when it was set up in 1999, it had to face growth pangs in its initial years. Though it is not unusual for Y-Axis alone, it needed to carve a niche for itself in those years in this unique space of immigration services. To transit from being just a provider of services in fields of immigration and visas to offering such services as overseas job placements, concierge, resume marketing, resume writing and English language coaching for tests (PTE, IELTS or TOEFL iBT) is not an easy task. It couldn’t jump into these new fields without doing sufficient research, knowing how big the market is for them and how to go about introducing them by hiring experts in these domains. It also had to contend with Y-Axis frauds before it set about eliminating them altogether.

In addition, it had to prove itself to clients and having done that, it needs to retain them. It has been doing so by engaging with its clientele, who are urged to send feedback through emails or make known their preferences through various channels of social media such as LinkedIn, Quora, Google Plus or Facebook.

To prevent any malfeasances from taking place, it has instituted practices by introducing Genesys (a call tracking and recording software) and surveillance cameras at key places in all of its 35 offices all over the world. Moreover, there are customer relationship officers to troubleshoot any problems that may inadvertently occur.

To do all of this, Y-Axis has to work harder than before catering to its ever-growing list of clients. But the company firmly believes that it has been able to scale these heights only due to the way it has treated its customers. That has been its main priority since its inception and will continue to be so forever.

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How Y-Axis continues to tower over the rest

The primary reasons that Y-Axis continues to be peerless in the space (immigration and visa services and overseas job placements) it operates are by sticking to its motto of ‘customer is the king, transparency in its dealings, besides hard work and ethical practices it follows. This has helped the company to improve continuously and keep its customers satisfied, in the bargain.

Since customers are its first priority, the company ensures that they are never inconvenienced. To do this, it pre-empts Y-Axis frauds, provides services promptly and clears all their doubts. Services of Y-Axis include counseling them, assisting them during visa processing by telling them what documents they have to have in place, arranging mock interviews so that they are confident when they attend real interviews at Embassies and Consulates of the respective countries, narrowing down on the countries which are suitable for them as per their abilities and preferences and giving them basic information on the countries they are emigrating to, besides others.

Other services include English language coaching for tests such as TOEFL iBT, PTE or IELTS, concierge and arranging interviews with prospective employers by digging into its huge database.

All these efforts have borne desired results as clients keep coming back to them to avail services. In addition, they also refer Y-Axis to their friends, relatives and colleagues. These have been established through the testimonials the company receives.

Despite the precautions taken and actions initiated, the company pulls out all stops at regular intervals to see to it that no undesirable activities at Y-Axis are taking place. It also encourages them to come up with suggestions and feedbacks through emails or social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus and Quora, among others.

These are the measures that Y-Axis sticks to 24/7 and all through the year to ensure that the nothing goes amiss and the clients are satisfied.

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Tenets of Y-Axis for delivering topnotch services

Y-Axis has always been aware that the best way to provide immigration services to a client is only though hard work, perseverance and integrity. We shun any shortcuts because we know that by resorting to such practices, we would only be hurting our clients. That is the last thing on our company’s agenda and it is only resorted to by those operators who take their clients for granted.

While delivering services, large and small, the only thing we, therefore, take into consideration are the personal satisfaction of the people who reposed confidence in us by entrusting certain tasks that only Y-Axis can deliver very efficiently. Importantly, it does it only the way they want it done. We have been able to accomplish this also by acting without any delay against Y-Axis fraudulent complaints, which bother us no end. It is such things which annoy and irritate us as much they do our clients. Even a minor misstep throws a wrench into the functioning of our entire operations. Most of all, it mars the atmosphere at our work place and deflates our morale.

When we root out all of these complaints, it makes start anew and work with renewed vigor. Needless to say, we get a kick only when we are able to retain the trust of all our clients. We have also understood by serving our clients for two decades that being honest with our clients on what we can or we can’t do is more satisfying than making tall and empty claims, which cannot be realized ever.

So before we start our work, it is implicitly understood by all our process consultants as well as our immigration consultants that we serve our clients the way we would like to be if we were in their place. It has to be reiterated here again that there is no room for fraudulent practices in Y-Axis.

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Various offerings of Y-Axis

Y-Axis is not just an immigration agent like many others in the market. It is a huge organization, which has a slew of offerings. Not many people are aware of the intricacies of immigration. For example, there are concierge services, job search services, counseling, coaching, banking, forex assistance, travel insurance and many more. It is, therefore, not possible to classify Y-Axis as one single distinguishable entity.

Because of variety of offerings, Y-Axis management has to keep tabs on different types of clientele it caters to. Here, the endeavor of Y-Axis is to act against fraudulent practices while providing diverse services. But to be the best in the business, it pores over its entire database to ensure that nothing is amiss and all is working as per the framework it had conceptualized. It is not an easy task, but Y-Axis does it well to retain its goodwill. Being a consultancy of repute, it is its mandate to guide people looking for services such as immigration, overseas placement, resume writing, etc.

Therefore, being a provider of versatile services, it takes inputs from thousands of its clients who visit its offices all over India, Dubai and in Melbourne with partners.

It strictly believes in efficient information dissemination. Only then will clients know what the company is all about and why it is rated so highly. In addition, this also serves to ensure that its practices are transparent to all people.

We also keep our other channels of information open though social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more to clear the air and to keep people aware what they might not be able to glean from visiting our offices or the website. This way, we can ensure that Y-Axis frauds are weeded out altogether. This has been the secret of its success. There is no magic here. It is only hard work, which allows us to meet the expectations of clients, wherever they might be.

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Seek Help From Y-Axis To Study Abroad!

When you plan to study abroad, there are a lot of things you need to take care of. But if you consult Y-Axis, you don’t need to worry about any of these. It is because we take care of everything that needs to be looked after in this regard. It means that we take care of everything from start to end.

What can you expect from Y-Axis?

To explain our services further, we begin with helping you understand your eligibility for the country of your choice. We follow this with suggestions for you to acquire eligibility, in case you are not. We provide complete support to a candidate seeking a student visa. For this purpose we have arranged for a consultant who will give you expert advice on this matter. Y-Axis Reviews will confirm that facts.

For any student aspiring to pursue an educational career abroad, it is important to know which country to go to, which university to apply for, how much will the whole thing cost and finally whom to approach for the best advice. The answer to the last question is Y-Axis Overseas Careers. It is only here that you get what you want.

Our exceptional services!

Once you get an answer to the last question, the others are automatically answered. When you give us your profile, our competent consultant, gets in touch with you to help you understand, where your profile can take you. Apart from this, we also take care of your entire immigration process, starting from your visa application to concierge of your legal documents.

Our services also include, preparing an impressive resume according to the requirements of particular countries, to get you your dream job and start an immensely successful career. Even this is handled by experts, so there is no compromise in your processing.  When Y-Axis does such multitasking, it also takes care that nothing goes wrong.

Y-Axis Anti Fraud Policy is designed to take care of this. So, consult Y-Axis Overseas Careers, whenever you decide to study abroad.

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Y-Axis Services Will Never Let You Down!

Whether you are planning to go abroad to study or work or permanent migration, Y-Axis is ready to help you with anything you need, throughout the process. As a visa and immigration service providers, we provide you with the best you can have in this regard.

Service Experience at Y-Axis!

To offer great customer service, Y-Axis has created service parameters across all its departments. It also includes an anti fraud policy that helps the customers to keep away from any fraud in the name of Y-Axis Overseas Careers. This policy guides our clients to choose their options carefully and deal only with the designated consultants assigned to them.

The policy comprises of all core issues that will ensure customers do not fall in any kind of fraud. All customers will receive a transaction receipt when a payment is made – whether online or at any of our offices in India, Australia, London or Dubai.

How We Ensure Your Safety at Y-Axis

The next thing is a warning to the clients against individual dealings with our employees. We also warn our employees not to get involved in any such transactions. Our policy serves as a guide to our clients as well as our employees. Despite this, if any of clients gets into such an agreement, the fraud that happens thereafter is not a responsibility of Y-Axis!

Our client is most important to us – this is why we believe in taking feedback from them. This we do through customer relationship department. All Y-Axis complaints, feedback, and reviews can be discussed with the executives in this department.

Once you share your feedback with us, we forward the same to respective department managers and consultants.

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