Complaints Department

Y-Axis Complaints Department

Y-Axis has separate departments for all services it offers from immigration to visas to job search and more. And to track the progress of client’s work, product delivery, customer feedback, Y-Axis has a client relationship department. It is apparently one of the most important departments in the company.

It takes customer feedback, patiently listen to the complaints, apologize if at fault, and refund if required as per the agreements. How does the entire mechanism work?

  • Y-Axis client relationship officers connect with the clients on receiving their complaint regarding the product/service or even if its regarding a process consultant assigned to the case.
  • Rather than challenging their complaints, the CRO carefully analyzes the case. Listens patiently to the client. Checks the deliverables promised and delivered. Go through the agreements and based on the entire case review and communication, the CRO takes steps to resolve Y-Axis customer complaints.

The customer complaints department is bestowed with the responsibility to ensure customer is satisfied at the end. Therefore, irrespective of the product/service a client complaints against, the department has to resolve the issue at the earliest. And if required transfer the case to the higher-ups to regain customer confidence.

3 Responses to Complaints Department

  1. Neena Pathania

    I share my experience on getting Denmark Green Card Residence/Work Permit. Y-Axis has provided expert help and consultation to me. Syed Ashhar Naveed help a lot thanks to him. And Y-Axis is the way to do any visa immigration.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Vinod Chiluka

    I have checked my CV, CL & PPT prepared by Savitha. The service is very good, I am thoroughly satisfied and felt very happy with her services. Thanks a lot Y-axis for providing a good service.

  3. Ashish Chawla

    The experience with Y-Axis has been excellent. The resume marketing, job search, process consultant has been top notch. The resources have been very prompt & responsive. They are very well aware of the process. They have ensured that all documents are clear and submitted on time. Overall it’s been a great experience working with the team.

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