How Y-Axis scaled such heights

Y-Axis is the top provider of immigration, visa and job placement services in India, if not the entire planet. It would be a mistake to say that it was peaches and cream for it since it set up shop in 1999. It had to face many tricky situations and had to resolve them all. But what Y-Axis did was to learn lessons along the rocky terrain and not to commit mistakes it had done once. This has made it a past master in the arena it operates.

But it understands like all mature companies that gloating over its triumphs would be detrimental to its standing in the future. Feeling a sense of pride for the laurels they have received in the past is not enough for companies that have come of age. They should be able to maintain their image by continuing to maintain their humility whilst dealing with customers, continue working hard and maintain their integrity, which has got them so far. Y-Axis is doing all of these, which is why it is at the forefront not only in immigration services but also in other services it offers such as resume marketing, resume writing and concierge, among others.

As Y-Axis is continuing to offer services to people as it has done for the last 19 years, one thing remains unchanged and will not any point in time be changed. That is treating clients like royalty. In fact, the company believes that this tenet of theirs is the reason for all of its successes. Hence, Y-Axis frauds will always be disallowed. It won’t venture into such territories whatever be the circumstances. In fact, these are the reasons that helped the company win trust and goodwill of its clientele.

To deal with fraudulent practices, the company has instituted some practices. They have installed surveillance cameras in-house, make use Genesys – phone monitoring software – and let highly experienced customer relationship officers resolve issues immediately, among others.

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