Secrets behind success of Y-Axis

One of the most crucial things any multinational company has to do to keep its image intact is to develop its culture and then protect it from being corrupted. This is easier said than done. With a number of employees joining Y-Axis every quarter and new procedures being added at regular intervals, it is a continuous process for this company with 1100 employees at its 35 + offices worldwide.

Despite the growth of the company and systems being upgraded at regular intervals, the basic organizational culture, however, remains unchanged at its core. Things that will never change are its ethical values that the company’s employees must imbibe when they join it, transparency of its processes, its customer-centric approach and so on. This is true for all the top-quality organizations because they cannot afford to change their basic foundation, their unique selling proposition and whatever they said that they stood for when they began.

In addition, it has to keep monitoring for Y-Axis frauds, if there are any? This is one key aspect that the company never undermines. It believes that if it can prevent this from polluting its culture, it has won half its battle. After all, the fame and name of Y-Axis have grown because it has been able to nip them in their bud. The company has, after all, invested millions to get rid of it any cost to prove to its customers without an iota of doubt that they are its priority.

By doing so, the work atmosphere at Y-Axis also remains positive. It also makes its employees take pride in being a part of such a respected organization in the immigration services marketplace. Some of the foolproof tactics Y-Axis employs to keep fraud away are the use of surveillance cameras, conscientious customer relationship officers, whose main duty is to address such issues, and not allowing immigration consultants and process consultants to take their mobile phones to their personal workspaces, among others.

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