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Find Out Why People Recommend Y-Axis For Immigration Services!

To trust Y-Axis, you just need to know what other people feel about us. Taking a look at Y-Axis Testimonials will help you get a confirmation of our claims about being the best immigration service providers in Indian.

Why Y-Axis?

Knowing the quality of services from people around you, will let you make a quick decision. Y-Axis Reviews are such that, they help you familiarize yourself with many of our clients, who have benefitted by availing our services. When you are reading Y-Axis Testimonials, you will find mostly positive words being used to describe our services.

We have built the trust of our clients over many years, since the establishment of Y-Axis in 1999. Y-Axis Reviews will tell you that our immigration services go beyond the regular offers. Once you get in touch with consultants at Y-Axis, all your responsibilities are taken over by us. We have been able to satisfy our clients because of our quick and apt services.

Unmatched Services of Y-Axis!

We stand out in providing immigration services as we take up all the work with very less for our client to do. So, whether it is collection of their documents or submission of their applications, our clients trust us with the kind of work we do. The expertise that Y-Axis has gained in its field of specialization has been a strong reason in further strengthening the belief of our clients.

Reading Y-Axis testimonials will only reinforce the positive opinion; you might have already developed about our services. Being the best immigration service providers in India has further motivated us to keep up the good work and improve on the same. Once you join hands with us, you will find yourself giving positive reviews about Y-Axis!

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Y-Axis Immigration Evaluation Services

A lot of people want to migrate overseas, but are not sure whether they qualify or not. If they do qualify, they do not know which country they qualify for and what steps they need to follow to pursue their migration dream.

Therefore, Y-Axis offers immigration evaluation services for a pocket-friendly price for Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The evaluation reports are primarily based on the information provided by the customer – age, education, experience, language and few other factors.

The evaluation reports are given to the client in 24-48 hours after documents and other formalities of the service are completed. Upon positive evaluation, Y-Axis suggests the next steps required to submit an immigration petition. And if the evaluation results are negative, Y-Axis consultants suggest other suitable options to work and settle abroad.

Y-Axis does evaluation for many people each month and only if the results are positive it takes the application forward. The whole evaluation process is very transparent and leaves no room for any fraud or complaints. The Y-Axis anti-fraud policy and customer relationship teams are also in place to protect customer interest and resolve any Y-Axis complaints.

The immigration evaluation service lets you know how much you score and whether you qualify or not. The consultants also suggest measures that could help you increase your score and qualify to migrate to the country of your choice.


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Y-Axis Immigration and Visa Services

Immigration and visa services are offered by many, but what separates the best from the rest is the subject knowledge, experience and use of state of art technology to swiftly deliver great services. Y-Axis has all that which makes it the best immigration consultant in India. The company offers immigration and visa services like no other.

Y-Axis delivers services to its clients within the stipulated time and as mentioned in the agreements that are transparent and have no hidden terms and conditions. Right from evaluation of a profile until PR visa is finally received – a dedicated process consultant is assigned to take care of the case throughout. All questions are answered and details of the process are timely provided to the client. Thousands of Y-Axis Reviews are a proof of that.

In majority of the cases, clients receive their PR and visas they apply for. Documentation and guidance provided by Y-Axis team plays an important role in that.

However, some visas and PR files do not receive a positive, but that remains at the sole description of the concerned visa issuing authority of that particular country. Y-Axis does not have any say in that.


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