The secret of survival of Y-Axis

Though a company’s ability to be distinct depends on the way it provides services to clients, it also depends on the way it delivers them.

To retain its unique position in the immigration and visa services marketplace, Y-Axis continually goes through a reengineering process of improving the ways in which it operates. Since it believes that sky is the limit, it never ever stops experimenting with new ideas. This has led to the company getting rave reviews from the people it serves. These reviews motivate the company’s employees to work in more innovative ways while they make sure that they are not leaving any room for laxity to creep in.

To achieve this, Y-Axis has incorporated several practices, including eliminating Y-Axis frauds. In fact, getting rid of fraudulent complaints is its first and foremost priority. This is because of the responsibility the company feels towards the clients it is serving. The company knows that because it incorporates such practices, it has served to improve its relationship with the people it engages with. Other things, which are no less important, are its hard work, transparency and honesty in it dealings.

By the way, Y-Axis has multiple motivation drivers. First among them, of course, are their clientele, and then their everlasting thirst to be always at the top of the value chain. That is what it has been continuously doing since it set up shop in 1999.

Among its other practices it implements to avoid fraud are the use of Genesys – call tracking and recording software- and surveillance cameras. Then there are customer relationship officers, mandate of whom is to promptly address complaints of clients

In addition to all of this, the company in order To know what clients may also want from it in the future, it promotes feedbacks through mails, in person and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook and Google Plus, among others.

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