When does someone indulge in a fraud? Obviously when the way forward in business is not clear and when the intentions are not right. However, Y-Axis Overseas Careers knows where it is headed and the intentions too are crystal clear. The objective is to assist more and more Indians to become Global Indians.

How does Y-Axis Overseas Careers do that?

As a company, it is a big responsibility to ensure each client is given equal attention and is properly counseled. Because the counseling sessions are the way forward to their career paths. Y-Axis has counseled more than 100,000 so far – many have successfully processed and received their Australia PR, Canada PR, Denmark Green Card, and visit visa to US, New Zealand, Dubai, and many other countries.

That apart, the job search service has brought job offers to 100s of clients. And nowhere does Y-Axis claims to be a job placement company. It is just that the resume is marketed to international recruiters looking for a similar profile. Therefore, no job guaranteed is given either.

Another aspect that proves all Y-Axis fraud claims incorrect is the service contract. All deliverables, service costs, refund policy, etc. are clearly defined and discussed before a client makes payment and signs up for the service.

Is Y-Axis Fraud?

Thousands of success stories related to permanent residency, green card, work visas, etc. prove what Y-Axis is. Moreover, Y-Axis Consultants have been in the industry for 15 years and now have 20+ offices and is a leading immigration and visa company in India.

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  1. Epuru Suneetha

    Your team is really very supportive and professional all through.
    Special thanks to Afzal and Ravi Teja for patiently listening and giving fantastic advices.
    Md. Afzal is highly dedicated and polite in approach. He was always prompt in replying to queries giving relevant information and follow up. It made things much easier.
    I recommend y-axis for those who are looking professional services for immigration purposes.

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