Y-Axis Ratings and Reviews on Google Plus

The determining factors for customer rating could be price, service quality, credibility of the business, financially stability, customer satisfaction, etc. Y-Axis ratings have always been great based on these factors – the pricing reasonable, services excellent, credibility high, financial position strong, and customer satisfaction immense.

Y-Axis offers wide range of immigration and visa services, apart from resume writing and online job search services. All service packages are customized as per needs of the customers for the country they wish to migrate to.

For Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, and other countries, the packages are created to suit different budget and process requirements of the clients. The ratings for these products are high and customer reviews on Google Plus are a testimony to it.

In the immigration industry in India, Y-Axis Ratings have always been strong in the past 16 years. so strong that today, Y-Axis is No. 1 Overseas Careers and Immigration Consultant. Most customers rate Y-Axis high on a scale of 1 to 10.

The reviews and ratings can be seen on Y-Axis Google Plus and video testimonials on Y-Axis YouTube Channel.


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4 Responses to Y-Axis Ratings and Reviews on Google Plus

  1. Santoshi Naik

    I would like to thank Y-axis and especially Madhuri, my Process Consultant who assisted me in the step by step process of my application. Her proactive and patient approach in handling my documentation was appreciative. It’s great to work with Y-Axis staff. I would also like to thank Sudheer, my educational credential assessment consultant.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  2. Avishek ghosh

    Y-Axis has supported me excellently so far in my application for a Australia PR. My process consultant is Sushma and her knowledge about the process was greatly helped me in completing the various stages. The patience and calmness shown by Sushma while answering all my queries and clarifications gives a sense of assurance which is well appreciated.

  3. Pravin kumar Bhole

    I am very happy with Y-Axis Services. The process was very clear and easy. The people are really helpful. I should thank Ms Tejas Tandan and Mr. Srihari for their valuable advice and support for preparation of my CV and Cover Letter. I am very much satisfied and happy to refer someone if they are interested in the resume writing service.

  4. Satya Narayana

    I Just thought of sharing my views after the whole process is completed, yet time is asserting to share some now… Mani has done an excellent job, along with Navoday. Really appreciate her “timely” guidance and help on my application! “Interest and attention” shown is another important factor, which can be rarely experienced in service industry. You guys have really set a very high benchmark!! Thank you for your excellent Quality of Service and Dedication. Spared one start, and shall share the 2nd part of my views very soon. Hopeful to see that also filled :)

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